For the greater good? or for boredom?

While my friend, Carson, and I were sifting through the library for a great book to read, we found out that our school library was seriously lacking in interesting books. So, we set off to look for books that could be donated to the school library to help anyone that likes to read. We had this idea, if someone buys a book then that person thinks that the book is interesting enough to go out of their way to purchase a copy. With this mindset we set out looking for book donations along with book suggestions so that we could go out and purchase those books to donate to the library. We got the money to purchase those books from friends and kind strangers that didn’t mind helping with our cause.

We spent decided that the timeframe should be 2 weeks, this is to see the amount of donation we would get regardless if it was in the form of books or money. This was because I was curious about how much a normal person can do to help in a cause. Between Carson and I we were as smooth in our words as the sound of glass breaking, it just doesn’t sound right and gets everyone’s attention in a bad way.

During the first week of the campaign we got a wonderful total of 34 books, 28 of them were children books, the reason behind this was because we were only asking for book donations. We saw the mistake in our original plan and quickly made changes, like not accepting children books anymore. The reason for the mass amount of children books was because people only buy books when they are a kids, when you grow up you get a IMG_1067library card.  Originally this was how we asked people, we would approach people that we faintly know, Carson would be leading and I would follow close behind, then Carson would say “ Do you have any books that you don’t read that are just wasting away? If you do would you mind giving them to us?”. The next day that person would come to school with their backpack full of children’s book.

The Second week was much better, we corrected our flawed way of asking for book donations. Carson finally had enough of me just watching him ask people, so he sent me on my own to ask people for donations. It was horrible, it was like asking people that you don’t even know for a favor while knowing that you wouldn’t see this person again. I don’t do well with new people, so my friends were the ones that had to deal with me begging them for donations. This worked out for about a day, before I ran out of friends to ask. I was unwilling to ask for donations from strangers alone, so we made a compromise where the amount of money that I received as donation Carson would have to match it. The motivation of making Carson’s wallet cry with emptiness, propelled me to talk to strangers. I was able to get 42 dollars and 8 books from donations, Carson was able to get 17 books and 53 dollars from donations excluding the 42 dollars that he had to put in. With the money that we got and the list of suggestions from people, we went to a bookstore to buy used books, in total we were able to get 42 books.


Carson thought that it would be a better idea to sent the books off to the public library rather than the school library. Carson persuaded me to go along with it because some of the books aren’t really school appropriate and that would lead to some complications when they check the books. Taking the low road we just dropped off the books at our public library. It was an interesting experience knowing that you helped someone in the future by basically stealing from someone in the present.



The Moment When President Obama Realized He Needed Luther

Initially I thought that this was a prank just to get views, but then I saw the video and saw that it actually wasn’t. It was really interesting to see the president of the free world being a cool person and doing something like this. But it wasn’t just cool, it was brilliant, it combined real life issues that were pressing and combined it with comedy to get people to view it and understand how important it is. I personally don’t care about politics at this point in time, but I was so intrigued by it I started to do some light digging into the subject


-From Zadie Smith’s New Yorker profile of Comedy Central stars Key and Peele. Keegan-Michael Key reprised his role as Luther for President Obama’s weekend speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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A habit is an act that is regularly done during a certain situation or at a specific time. Everyone has their own habit, it could be something as small as playing with a button on their shirt while thinking, to something as big like having a smoke. Habits can be apart of your daily life or it could be a curse that just persists, that can only be broken with a strong will to do so. I had a habit of bitting my nails, like most kids, I would chew on them whenever I was nervous or was anxious. I was told that nail biting is an easy habit to break, and all that you needed to do was coat your nail with something very bitter or something very sour, but I didn’t have any motivation to do something like that. More


Kristy was a victim of depression, however, she personally didn’t go through it. When she was ten years old her brother began to struggle with depression. His name was Ryan, he was about six years older than her and was someone that loved to be secluded from others, or that was what we all thought. Ryan lacked in social skill;, he couldn’t hold a conversation or start a conversation with peers. This resulted in his inability to make friends, and he responded to this problem by getting closer to his family rather than trying to befriend with kids his age. Things at home eventually didn’t work out for Ryan either because his father was rarely home and more at work to support the family. His mother took up a part-time job to lessen the burden of his father as a sole provider.  This left him with his sister as his only source of human interaction. Ryan started to feel lonely because he didn’t have anything to keep his mind off of his isolation. So, he resorted to the internet as his escape. Social media can be a cruel place for a teenager like Ryan who doesn’t know how to get real help. Being in a state of mind such as that of Ryan’s could eventually make things worse because he might be able to compare his life to that of others. Unfortunately, depression took a hold of Ryan and as time went on it became worse. Months passed by with no one noticing his depression. So, he resorted to the only thing that he knew would solve his problem, suicide. Killing himself was the only solution for Ryan as he thought it would end his suffering and that slipping into nothingness was easier to bare than living this life. On the day he decided to commit suicide, by cutting his wrists, his mother unexpectedly got off of work early. She found him unconscious in his room  with blood all over the floor. He was quickly rushed to the hospital and when he was stabilize and his life was not in danger anymore the family realized that Ryan needed to be put into a program to help him deal with depression. No one in his family and at school saw this coming, he looked and seemed perfectly fine. Depression is a silent killer if it is not caught on time because the signs are not like a physical illness. More

Suggestions? Who needs them?!

Suggestions, that’s a word that no one wants to hear because it basically is telling them “ Hey you’re doing it wrong, this is how you do it!” You would say that I am because there are some people that openly accepts suggestions, like teachers or consultants, but those people were taught to do so and weren’t born that way. Deep down everyone hates suggestions, everyone wants to be right all the time, but that’s impossible because there will always be at least one person that would go against your idea. More


People dislike me, I completely understand why they would because I’m a very indirect guy that can never get to the point, while digressing to other subjects in a conversation randomly. But can you really blame me ? I rapidly change subjects because I can see in other people’s faces that they aren’t interested in what is being talked about, so when i change it they are thrown off and start to freak out. More

The Dragon Legacy: The Monster

The Lich King was encased in a ice. The ice like coffin was held suspended over the pit of lava, it was melting but at the same time continually reforming. The king himself was lying dormant inside. He looked as if he had just been through a war, his suit of armor was chard, dented in multiple places, chipped on the joint edges, and his crest had faded from it’s once defined imagine into a worn down piece of metal. More

Dragon Legacy: the Discovery

James snaps to attention. He readies his sword, waiting for whatever monster made that awful sound to come out. The cry rings out again, this time much louder and angrier, and James realizes that there is no way he can take that creature down. He can feel it getting closer because the ground starts to shake with each of it’s steps. In a rush, He sheathes his sword on his back and dives into the hole near the old tree just as he hears the beast break through the brush ringing the clearing. It roars louder than anything James had ever heard, powerful enough to knock the dirt loose around the opening to the hole he’s in, collapsing the only exit. More

The End and The Emptiness

I just recently finished the Harry Potter movies ( yes all 8 of them). I know it’s a bit late to the party, by about 3 years, but i really enjoyed it. I didn’t watch the movies until just recently because when I was aware of the series it was already about to end and so many people had spoiled it for me. ( I think it was around the deathly hallows part 1 came out) So many of my friends ruined the movies’ plot for me because it was a fad at the time, so it was widely talked about when I was a 12 years old. Knowing what happens in a story before you even get into it sucks… I’ve waited until because I have finally forgotten about the story, so I was able to fully experience it from the start.


Chapter 1: The Start of the End

(This was made by my friend Carson, I’ve decided to post the whole story on my blog so there is no need to go back and forth between the blogs. Check out his blog if you have a chance, his blog is )

There was nothing particularly extraordinary about James. He was of above average height, about six feet tall, and had the broad-shouldered build that marked a future warrior. With shaggy brown hair and piercing green eyes, he did fairly well with the maidens, though he didn’t have much time for that with all of his practices. He was a knight in training, and while he was a decent swordsman there was much that he had to improve. His instructor, Sir Mathias,the head of the knights guard who taught his whole class, always told James that he was too gentle, that he lacked the killer instinct that could make a great knight into a legend. James struggled with this everyday in training. He would never go the extra step to take his enemy out, He was content with them just yielding. Just as in the current match. James had traded blows with his classmate for about ten minutes before he managed to sweep his legs out from under him with a low blow to the shins.


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